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Get ready to set sail on an extraordinary adventure that will not only supercharge your freelancing career but also redefine your success story. Our dynamic course on Sales and Business for Freelancers is your key to unlocking a world where success has no limits.


After coaching more than 350 people from 17 countries, I finally created an ultimate online course that will allow you to grow your freelance business.

For a limited time, together with the course, I offer a 30-minute one-on-one SESSION to create your own SALES SYSTEM.

The whole package is worth 2099$, but you can buy it for 197$. 

Course Exploration:

  • Vision and Strategy

    Discover the roadmap to your freelance dreams and plot your course towards unstoppable success.

  • Sales Mindset

    Ignite your inner charisma and become a client magnet with the power of persuasive brilliance.

  • Freelance Business Foundation

    Lay the groundwork for a thriving freelance empire, check your offer, niche and pricing so that it is crystal clear for everyone.

  • Sales Systems

    Navigate the intricate world of sales with finesse, turning every pitch into a masterpiece of persuasion.

  • Marketing for Freelancers

    Harness the magic of effective marketing to make your freelance services stand out like a beacon in the night.

  • Business Management

    Command your projects with precision, from inception to delivery, and create client relationships that shine like gold.

Why Investing in This Course Is Your Freelancing Game Changer

It's time to take the leap, hone your skills, and redefine your freelance journey.

  • Expert Freelance Coach: Learning from a seasoned freelance coach who has been there, done that, and mastered the art of freelancing success.

  • Practical Assignments: You'll dive into practical assignments that bridge the gap between knowledge and real-world application.

  • Ready-to-Go Sales Strategies:We equip you with ready-to-implement sales strategies and techniques that have been proven to work

  • Vision to Reality: We provide you with the tools and guidance to turn your freelance vision into a strategic action plan.

  • Exclusive Resources: Gain access to a treasure trove of exclusive resources, templates, and tools that simplify freelancing tasks.


Hey! I am Ania. Besides eating ice-cream, dancing and traveling the world, I take the lead in educating ALL FREELANCERS in sales and marketing skills and in supporting them in getting clients and growing their practice and confidence. I am 100% dedicated to freelancing and coaching. I have mentored over 350 people from 17 nationalities. I helped my clients earn 3 x more! This course allows you to save almost $2,000. Try it out now!